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If you are looking for an electrical contractor in your community, there is no reason not to contact Ty-wire Electric LTD.. Whether great rates or skilled—and certified—electrical contractors are your top concerns, we are the professionals for you.

Offering a full suite of electrical services, we are capable of restoring order to unreliable electrical systems. We add efficiency wherever we go, and conduct repairs that promise lasting results—and that’s just the beginning.

Entrust your electrical system to the professionals. Work with us and you’ll see returns you never thought possible. Schedule your consultation by calling (780) 521-6400 today.

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Electrifying Electrical Services for You

Our electricians aren’t just familiar with a variety of electrical services—they’re experienced and trained in all things electrical. From the installation of high-value appliances to reliable surge protection, we do it all.

Rely on Our Electrical Repairs 

Our electrical repairs are more than just quick fixes. We implement solutions that strengthen electrical systems whenever possible. If we’re unable to provide a lasting solution, we will be sure to let you know of the most cost-effective solution for your troubles. We might suggest a panel upgrade or more efficient appliances. One thing is certain: We always work with your best interests in mind.

Some of our most requested electrical repair services include:

  • Tripped circuit breakers
  • Broken outlet repairs
  • Flickering lights
  • Faulty wiring
  • Damaged generators and appliances
  • And more

Maintenance Services

What is the secret to an efficient and problem-free electrical system? Routine electrical maintenance services. When you schedule routine visits from our electrical contractors, you never have to worry about minor issues developing into larger problems. We stop electrical troubles in their tracks.

We Are Versatile

Versatility is key in our industry. Rather than simply serving residential clients or solely commercial clients, we cater to everyone in our community. Do you need an electrician at your construction site? We can help you. Are you looking to retrofit a home you recently purchased? We are the ones to call.

Is it time to invest in some professional expertise? If so, pick up the phone and contact us at your convenience.

Fast Turnarounds from Our Electricians

We value your time and money. When the time comes to contact an electrician, why not work with one that works quickly, arrives on time, and never strays from the task at hand?
We believe in providing fast turnarounds—and we provide them without sacrificing a shred of our celebrated quality.

When you want to save on time, money, and unnecessary stress, we are the ones to work with. 

Contact Our Electricians Now

Over the years, we have risen the ranks of our field. We upgrade electrical systems to suit modern needs, undo electrical damages, and inspect every inch of wiring to perfection. Contact us and you’ll never have to look for another electrician again—we guarantee it.

Call our offices at your convenience. Our phone number is (780) 521-6400 and we cannot wait to serve you.

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